Over the last few years VFX industry has become more challenging. Filmmakers expect high standards images in tighter schedules. At this step, developing specific internal tools seemed the most obvious choice to respond our client needs with flexible and above the line solutions.

Our philosophy is to allow scalability with a strict focus on efficiency.

We are committed to technology in service of creativity and are constantly exploring new approaches to deliver higher quality.
Reinventing the wheel is not an option, our goal is to support production and director vision with time efficiency techniques based upon a robust in-house pipeline.
R&D has become one of the key point of PLUG’s development. Our engineers team up with artists to make sure that all kind of imaginations can end up on screen.


Founders of Plug Effects have years of experience in productions involving photogrammetry.
This technique fully mastered at Plug Effects suits well background reconstruction. By easing camera calibration processes, we intend to be able to recreate any complex environment in a timely manner. Our team just need to cover sets with stills along with main photography.
Even starting with photos taken pretty far from the subject, we can rebuild an accurate textured model. We recently had the great opportunity to recreate some complex Parisian architecture as Notre Dame Cathedral and the Pont Neuf.

Based upon a very light shooting process, our methodology also offers a worth added value regarding reshoot questions. By offering the capacity to recreate any kind of sets long after the shoot, this methodology provides a real safety in post production.

By making the CG environment processes simpler and safer, Photogrammetry really offers a flexible response to some of the VFX requirements.

PLUG Ocean Toolkit

We have implemented a system for generating photo-realistic ocean surfaces, wakes and interaction with objects as well as a custom proprietary shader . The ocean toolkit was built with the artist in mind and the need for real time preview to produce results quickly and easily.


Shaman is PLUG’s internal production management software. Production tracking is at the heart of every production and Shaman gives PLUG great tracking tools for producers, supervisors and artists. With Shaman it is easy to track the progress of your project and to make sure we meet budgets and deadlines. Shaman is deeply integrated in our pipeline.


Asstek is PLUG’s scenes and assets management system which enables us to handle datas across multiple shows seamlessly and efficiently. The powerfull naming and versionning system allow us to track any changes on any assets at any time.