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3D Rendering Hardware Requirements

As a natural extension of matte painting, our artists has a strong knowledge in set extension and CG environnement. We have developed a strong photogrammetry pipeline based upon unique tools that allow us to respond our client complex needs in a timely manner. Founders of PLUG have years of experience in productions involving photogrammetry, either done at PLUG or in other companies. Photogrammetry suits really well building reconstruction and being a technique fully mastered at PLUG. See more info about requirements Even starting with photos taken pretty far from the subject, we can rebuild an accurate textured mode.... Read more

Our services require serious hardware to process the very best effects you can see in the film industry. We're proud to say that we are exclusively powered by Spectra who offers the highest quality enterprise-grade server hardware on the market.

PLUG supervisors have a long experience dealing with shooting supervision. During the process, we make sure every detail is covered to keep the process under control. We adapt to each situation and propose optimized solutions to garanty that director’s vision will be realized on time and budget.

Our “On-Location Data Capture” Team will collect quickly and conveniently onsite datas to make the post production process smoother and more efficient.

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